Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A very long engagement

We didn't plan on getting married on 08-08-08.. but on that day we seriously talked (again after a long while) about getting married likely this December. We've been together 3 years shy a decade, and we've been engaged for 3 years. We've been through so many things together including a 2yr-long distance relationship, we've planned our wedding a few times too many which didn't push through.
We've been engaged for a while, a very long while. But we're not waiting another year to plan our wedding. I would have preferred a short engagement, but having gone through a long one, I would say it was to our advantage. We've thought about this literally more than a thousand times. Not to say that we were never sure from the beginning, but really, it is about getting it right at the right time. And no one can dictate that on us.

Our minds are now filled with so many images of our intended wedding day. Our church and reception venue, My Gown, His Coat, our photos, guest list, food, wedding banns, my Shoes, our entourage, our families, our souvenirs, our invites, the priest, pre-cana seminar, our cake, our flowers, our songs, our honeymoon, our life after... and the list goes on.

We're planning an intimate wedding. Just our families and our close friends. We've sort of narrowed down our choice of date, church and venue. I can't wait to plan the honeymoon (doesn't matter if we have a short one), since I know we would be doing a lot of travelling anyway.


Sara said...

Sounds like it will be beautiful. Best wishes.

Ozzy's Mom said...

uyyy such a long engagement indeed!^_^ doesn't matter how short or long, its the marriage that matters and not the wedding! enjoy the planning. ehehehe

Mummy SHENG said...

good luck on the planning! it can be stressful, but the hard work are all worth it when your big day comes!

Rhea said...

Hi Marie,

Best wishes on your upcoming wedding. It's a lot of fun to plan a wedding! =)

Abt my blog, I was really going to put a few pics in that entry I just got a little lazy. Hehe. I just added some right now. Anyways, I have more pics of the island on my daughter's multiply site at

If you have multiply I can add you up so you can view it if you like.

Take care,

something purple said...

hey marie super happy for you!!!!!!!! congratulations.

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