Thursday, August 07, 2008

That brown paper stationery

I'm sure some of you may relate to stationery collecting as a teenager. I remember collecting, swapping and just staring at my stationeries. I had a whole big box full of stationery with different scents, colours, sizes, shapes, designs, etc! I remember using them to write to my then penpals (I had about 2 or 3 constant pen friends) and good friends who I wanted to show off my stationeries to! I remember collecting papemelroti stationeries the most. I guess coz it was Philippine made and I enjoyed visiting their shops to look at statios and trinkets of sorts.
Recently I've stumbled upon Papemelroti's website and just brought back memories of elementary and high schoool days. :) Letter writing to peers (who may have been a seatmate or who was from a different year level or different class room) was something we all must have done at some point. I admit this habit carried on to college. I suppose writing's always been something I loved doing, whether it be on ink and paper, or typing away on square letter buttons!

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