Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My cup of IT

Okay, with all these technology propping up here and there in your face, how can one keep up? For a business person I am sure this poses more of a challenge. Especially for those businesses that would like to reach their market through the internet. With software as a service available now, it is easier to create a business plan, or make use of software that works for the business. There is even hosted team foundation server available to those who don’t want to be involved in too much technicalities of a seemingly easy job: maintaining the business and earning the big bucks. At work now, I know that remote access devices are in place for support required from off shore technicians. I also know that they have managed to find cheap web conferencing for those urgent and crucial meetings of minds. I am in awe by all these things available nowadays. Sooner or later the unimaginable would be somewhat ordinary. My appreciation goes out to all those involved in the IT industry who strive to make this world an easier place to live and work in.

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