Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jobs and starting somewhere

I was talking to my colleagues and friends the past month about wanting to look for a side job which will allow me to do other things that would involve anything else but travel, and something that won’t really make me think or use my brain too much. I was telling them that ever since I could all my proper jobs have always been as a travel agent. I didn’t really want to shift careers or anything like that, but just to be able to try something new. In the western world, it is not unusual to know people who have worked in retail, or in fast food, or in some coffee shop or restaurant during their younger years. Since I never really got the chance to do all these, I thought about trying to do some job like: sandwich hand, movie/cinema attendant, video rental check out chick, or a barista. But oh well, since many Starbucks coffee shops are closing down in Australia (read about this in the news) then I have less chance of getting onto this (besides one needs a certification of some sort).

The ‘desire’ to do these odd jobs have waned, and I no longer want to try any of these jobs now. I just go hands down to people who started out as a check out chick, or a assistant junior barista, etc. They have gone through seemingly menial jobs, but really, life is never meant to be easy. I can say they are the ones who appreciate more of what they have now because they know what it is like to strive and work labour job. Well, I started out just ripping off VOID coupons from paper tickets and photocopying documents!! I guess we all have started somewhere somehow.

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