Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dream home dreaming

At one point or another we all have come up with ideas about our dream houses and Home Plans. I admit as early as fourteen years old, I was drafting my kitchen impressions, bedroom features, and all that onto my sketch pad. I would look at magazines and study Contemporary house plans, checking out bathroom designs and gardens became a hobby for some time. It helped that my parents owned a number of books that relate to houses and designs. I remember seeing French Country House Plans that were so cozy and pretty. Looking back at those times, I have fond memories about sketching and designing homes that I may have been an architect or an interior designer if the calling to the travel industry not have been stronger. Now that I am older, I still don’t live in my dream house yet, but I have ideas in my mind about how I want my future home to be. It’s a good thing that my boyfriend and I agree on the house designs that we find pretty. I’ve also come to accept that although my ideas are okay, his is better. He sees the whole master plan and he makes sure that the furniture matches up to the main theme of the house.

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