Thursday, August 20, 2009

Babymoon Getaway

I have been researching again about going on a holiday! This morning as I got to my desk at work hubby called asking if we could go on a week long or two weeks getaway. I was so surprised I actually encouraged him to tell me what sort of holiday he was after. I was trying to get him to say he wanted an inclusive Jamaica package of some sort, since I know this is the way to go nowadays! Inclusive and exclusive all the way! He said we couldn’t really afford to go on a two week break to stay at Ocho Rios hotels, or any of those caribbean hotels for that matter. He said he was looking at going local only. Oh well, as if I could really travel very far with my baby bump!

Although we have decided we needed a bit of a break (our last decent holiday was in December last year!), we are unsure when and where. I have given hubby a number of brochures this evening and obviously he was overwhelmed. I do hope we push through with this much needed vacation. It would also be a good way to spend quality time, since in a few months for sure we would be busy with our new baby!

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