Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day dreaming again

Yesterday hubby and I talked about home plans. In a few months we are expanding our family and so we will need a much larger home space. We are both looking at starting our respective home businesses as well, thus the need for house plans that would accommodate our arrangement. Since we were in the mood to talk about our dreams and goals, we drew in air our luxury dream home plans. We talked about a four bedroom, three levels home (complete with a family room basement), spacious garden and a gazebo in the backyard. Hubby told me he does not want to raise our kid in an apartment unit, while I on the other hand always lived in an apartment or townhouse so I don’t mind.

Since our rental contract will be expiring in a month’s time, we were thinking of renewing only for half a year before moving onto a new place. I can’t believe I have moved so much in a span of six years! This will be my sixth move in six years! Hopefully only two more moves for us until we settle into our real home.

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