Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alive n Kicking!

I've been feeling faint flutters from the little one the past week and a half. I am now 18 weeks preggo and feeling a LOT better. No more morning sickness for me. Although I am still trying to adjust to eating a lot. Coz, for some reason even if I eat and eat, my weight does not increase that much if at all. They say that's okay, even my doc says so. Since I've been having more veggies and healthy snacks instead of the chocolates and chips. Although, I must say, I've been having a lot of ice cream recently (coz I crush my vitamins and mix it with that!).

A lot of things have happened between the last time I wrote here. Attended a wedding, had my citizenship oathtaking (YEY!), developed unknown rashes, decided to have baby in Manila, and then, decided to have it here instead. And, so finally, we are having the baby here. I have booked into the hospital and will be having an appointment in a week and a bit's time. It just makes a lot of sense to have it here, for practicality's sake. It would not cost us a thing to have it here, I would still be able to maximise my work time (work til maybe mid-December), not have to have baby travel back to Sydney when I give birth, etc.

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