Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fear of flying

Hubby has always not been fond of going on plane rides. He'd much rather go on a month long caribbean cruise or round the world cruise, than catch a plane. He's had a bad experience when he was young, and this explains the fear of flying he developed. It is not uncommon to be afraid of flying, especially nowadays when airlines' (lack of) safety is very much publicized. I know a lot of couples who either both or half the couple would prefer long drives over air travel. I guess this would be good if one lived in a big continent such as Europe, Australia or America. If one lived on an island one would be limited to driving around the island! Of course if one lived on a very nice island then maybe it would be wise to just spend it on that paradise!

Having said that hubby dislikes air travel, on a handful of times I was able to convince him to travel by air with me. We have agreed though, to go on a cruise maybe when baby turns two or three years old. Perhaps we would be able to visit husband's sister in the America on this cruise! If only I can reconcile within myself to travel across the Pacific Ocean for days without seeing land!

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