Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Hot!

I wish I was going on ski holidays, to taste and smell snow! But no, we are experiencing some weird fluctuation with temperature. One day we have temperatures ranging within the low twenties, and then the following day we have mid to high thirties! How annoying! I guess I am just jealous of my cousins' white christmas holidays photos playing with snow. I wish I could have them ship a box of snow and cold air to me. Having only just one month to go before I give birth, the heat is getting to me. Sometimes I find myself wanting to stuff myself in the freezer, or just splash myself endlessly in the bath. Instead, I try to make do with my noisy aircon while typing away my entry and watching television. I never thought I would be missing the winter chill. I suppose I am just human, always whingeing and never satisfied with the weather. Really, I know everyone's concern at the moment is about climate change. It is that real, and we can feel it happening. I hope come January the temperature would still be manageable enough so my baby would be comfortable. I'm still grateful that we have bought an aircon now. I remember about a month ago, the weather got to 40 degrees! And I was sweltering in heat, and swimming in sweat. So I really shouldn't complain now..

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