So heavy!

I've got about 3 and a half weeks left before I pop, and I am feeling so heavy and immobile. It's quite a challenge to leave the house and run my errands such as my Christmas and baby things shopping. I've done a lot of online shopping which is okay and convenient, but not as great to see things live and get to take it home straight away! But with the heat, and the weight I don't really have a choice. I did sneak out to buy some of our friends' gifts in the city.. and just took a cab home amidst 31 degree heat! I so loved the cool aircon inside the cab! I immediately had some ice cream when I got home just to cool me off :)


Gorgeous MUM said…
I am 2 days late, but still . . . Merry Christmas!
Raft3r said…
Happy 2010!
Make sure to post baby pix, ha!
Big Eyed Gal said…
OMG! I didn't know that you're pregnant or I knew and just had a senior citizen moment. LOL. Anyway, congrats!!!
Gorgeous MUM said…
Have a bleesed Sunday!
Gorgeous MUM said…
Hi Marie! How are you? Have you given birth already?

Take care!

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