Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Teaching the little one

The little one is now nearly 4 months old! We are trying to teach her to use the bottle, but she is just not responding to the well known brands (avent and tommy tippee). It's good we went to the baby expo and found Dr. Browns' bottle! She is sort of liking it and chewing on the teat (i guess that's better than nothing!). Too bad we only bought one set, which was a real bargain. Imagine A$3 for the entire bottle set (60mls). Wish we bought more, but of course we weren't sure if she would like it so we got one instead. I really wish she could learn to drink from the bottle. But then again, part of me wants to continue breastfeeding for as long as I can, and I am so attached to her now (figuratively and literally). Dad and I have noticed that Bella is also undergoing separation anxiety. She cries when she cannot see me, and she really prefers to be carried by me and me alone. This would have been fine by me, but it keeps me handicapped most of the time. The house is a mess, I can't run errands, etc. How I wish I could just keep her close to me all the time but it will be for her benefit as well for her to learn to be just a litttttle bit independent and more trusting of others too. By others I mean her dad.

Now now, since my family is visiting us soon, I should get more of those Dr. Browns bottles! I wish I can still get a good deal even after the baby expo. Oh, it is worth checking out how cool the bottle system is (inetrnal vent). No drips on the side, and apparently less colicky baby!

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