Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mummyhood Tips

As much as I try to keep a balanced life, I cannot seem to perfect time my time management with all the different things I do. I really wish I could just stop working for 5 years straight, so I can concentrate on the little one. But of course that's not financially viable.

I often read tips on these topics, motherhood, working mums, work at home mums, etc etc etc.. But, in reality it is so much more difficult to practice. *sigh*

Sometimes I wish I had household help to clean after me, that way I could focus my energy on teaching the little one, going to the park with her, enjoying our quality time. Patiently.

My hubby always reminds me that it would only be a few years before she grows up and I would get my "personal" life back... Sometimes I wish I could speed time up, as I am aching and craving to have some me time. I would like to be able to go to the toilet, or have a bath in peace. Or, take a quick lunch (at the moment, our lunch time is 30 minutes. minimum.). I've always been a very, very patient person. I think I am one of the most patient persons I know :) But I find myself sometimes, admittedly, getting impatient. I guess that's how it is when she is "attached" to me day in day out, no matter whether I am working, eating, sleeping, taking a shower, cooking, etc. I should be flattered. I know. But human nature gets the better of me. I get tired too.

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