Friday, July 01, 2011

Since then

Hubby's given me the talk.. I've been too whingey lately and it's sending him not pleasant signals that the novelty of having a baby is gone. Admittedly, I have been whingeing too much. And I feel bad that maybe little B is sensing it... Bad vibes.. So, I have and am, making a conscious effort to be positive and not whinge. Much. Much less. Especially when it comest to me selfishly wanting me time. To work. (Have realised that as much as I am a career oriented person, I am a mum now. And a wife.)

So, here's my top three thoughts/motivations to keep me from slipping back to my old whingey self:
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1. The little girl now won't stay little for too long. She is beginning to be communicative, and that just makes her all the more irresistible. In other words, as much as she is testing my patience big time, she is just being herself = cheeky baby. This stage won't last long, before you know it, she's spending more time with her friends than me.

2. Work can wait. Having decided to have a baby is a lifelong commitment. It's about sacrificing, knowing priorities. At the moment, we may not have all the spare moolahs to spend, but at the end of the day little B just wants me and her dadda's time, love and attention. The occasional new toys are just perks. But really, quality time spent together is priceless. In a few years, we can get back on track with our savings. For now, enjoy the moment.

3. Keeping it simple is the key to (my) happiness. (my decision and definition of happiness). One day at a time, one step at a time. There's plenty to do, but it all starts with small steps. Every step of the way will lead to something worthwhile.

I am thankful for hubby's not-so-gentle reminder. Sometimes it's just what I need. A verbal whack in the head.

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