Thursday, January 24, 2013

If only I could

If only I could go on another (proper one!) honeymoon, I would choose to go around the world with hubby for a few months. Ideally, that is. I have so many items on my wish list of honeymoon destinations that it would take me "x" amount of honeymoons to fulfill - of course with the same travel companion! Here are some of my ultimate destinations/activities:

1. Paris - which couple does not want to be in the city of love, with their ultimate loved one? Whether it be on a honeymoon or not, Paris is the romantic city to be in. The city itself is full of lovers, and full of lovable picture perfect cafes, bridges, parks, buildings, shopping centres (?) and museums. I have to indulge on this and put on my list.

2. Tuscany - hire a car in Italy and stay in a traditional villa in Tuscany for at least a week! This image should spark lots of magic for any couple - coupled with a bottle of wine (or two), enjoyed over authentic Italian feast, at sunset - overlooking the local vineyard - cool breeze, twilight, perfect. That says it all for me.

3. Santorini - whitewashed walls, cobblestone walkway, endless chatter in town, local market noise, clear blue skies blending with the perfect caldera view and sparkling sea view- holding the hand of your love. Soaking the ambience all day, capped with an evening of traditional Greek merrymaking. The atmosphere will just make you fall in love with your lover all over again. 

4. Dubai - Glowing night desert sky and sand, entertaining belly dancers, pop up tent in the middle of the desert (at dusk), overflowing drinks and kebabs, sexy background music, Dubai Holidays will just leave a special memory etched for a lifetime!

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