Sunday, October 25, 2009

I may be Australian but . . .

I miss going on Halloween trick or treats! Among other American influenced festivities that I grew up with in Manila.

Here, trick or treating isn't all that big. There may be a few of these celebrations here and there, but nothing like having them organised in most villages/suburbs. They may have Halloween costume parties for teenagers or adults, but nothing like good old knocking on neighbours' doors to ask for sweets. I wonder if my bub will get to experience one when he/she grows up. Not that it's a big deal if baby won't. I guess it's also about sharing the experience which I once had. I know my mummy friends in Manila do put a lot of thought into what costume they will put bubba in for the occasion.

Okay, it's not just Halloween that I miss. I miss spending Easter going on egg hunts or watching kids go on one. I miss the whole hullaballoo of Christmas, etc., etc.

Here I feel they put more emphasis on the other holidays such as: New Year's Eve (fair enough- the Harbour Bridge fireworks is really good), Valentine's (?! I wouldn't be able to relate since its my bday !) .. I think that's about it! Haha! Plus of course big on local/national holidays which obviously should be something big.

Oh well. I guess I should really be used to the Aussie way of life. Resisting most American things, thoughts, and way of life. And that's not a bad thing. It's just the way it is.

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