Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When the world says its time for a change.

How do you put into words feelings you don't even understand.
When is news good news? And when is it bad? Can it just be a blessing in disguise?

Just when you thought that you are wanting to try to plan life for the next few months, you are suddenly faced with having to plan a whole lifetime. Or at least, two, three, four, five years down the road.

How does one decide where to steer the wheel? Somehow maybe decisions have already been made due to the circumstance. Is that any easier? Should it be any easier?

Finally, something that has been lingering for the past three years..
Is it really a blessing? For now it is all still feels like a fleeting memory. Distant. Near. Close. Far.

Perhaps this is it. It's time for change.

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