Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rebuilding lives

All the talk about how the bad the storm was in Manila makes me feel sad. There are so many people now trying to rebuild their lives and homes after the big destruction. Apparently there is another storm headed the way of Manila again. I am hoping that the city and its surrounds do not get further damage, and that the storm will whisk it’s way as soon as it arrives.

I know so many friends and relatives who are doing everything they can to help by volunteering their time and giving donations. I wish I could do the same. For now I will only be able to offer my prayers and a bit of my monetary contribution.

I would not know where to begin if I would have been one of those whose families were personally affected by the storm. I have cousins and friends who are undergoing this and I feel for them. I remember reading somewhere that Siem Reap also experienced this sort of catastrophe in the past. The city has managed to rebuild itself and become one major tourist spot. I pray Manila will be able to cope and come out as a winner in the end of it all.

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