Getting all hormonal

Early this week I had a bit of a glitch in my system. At work I suddenly felt quite down for some reason. I was late for work by a few minutes and that made me feel bad. I also was not in for work the day before, and one of my colleagues said that one of my passengers' files had an issue with it. Those triggered something and I ended up having to excuse myself for a good 15 minutes to get myself composed again.

Now, watching all these videos about the horrible storm that has hit Manila yesterday, balls of tears are forming in my eyes. I am easily emotional, more than usual. I consider myself one of those generally happy people, and even while pregnant for that past 23 weeks I have been a happy 'buntis'. Only recently have I been getting these glitches, which I hope and pray won't last long as I am wanting a happy baby too! I feel for hubby who's asked me if it was him who made me cry the other time. He must be confused with my recent emotion swings.

I am trying to gather people to donate to Manila's flood victims and I am praying this move will make things better for those affected, even in a small way. God bless the Filipino.


Gorgeous MUM said…
Yeah, that storm was sooo bad and devastating! My heart goes out to those who lost everything and died! Prayers for everybody!

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