Saturday, February 23, 2008

I am a new Postie!

After a few reject emails, I am finally a paidblogger for Pay Per Post! You wouldn't believe how eager I was to be part of their blog network . I've been hearing about how they are one of the leading Paidblogging sites around, and how many opportunities one can actually get through them. Plus the fact that they are constantly in communication with their members, which shows how much hands on they are with Posties like me (oh, just like hearing that word!).

Having joined Pay Per Post, I can attest to how simple, straightforward and userfriendly their site is. I was pretty impressed with the number of opportunities at my finger tips. I am just wishing I have all the time to write about what interests me, at the same time keep my readers updated with the ins and outs and happenings of my life and the world around me. Indeed, 24 hours a day is not enough. But oh well, at the end of it all, I guess I am just really glad to be part of this paidblogging phenomenon. Such wonders of modern technology!

Now, while anticipating myself to be busy with opps, I will be thinking of what to spend the $$ that I will be getting. Hmm... Perhaps that new bag that I've been eyeing! Or ... just treat me and Hubby to some nice dinner?... I'll count my eggs when I have the basket! :) Haha!

If you've got the time, and writing is your passion then Pay Per Post is the way to go!

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rheaangela said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks for adding me. I hope to be able to join the pay-per-post world too. For now, am still getting the hang of blogging. I have something for you in my blog, please check it out ->

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