Sunday, May 17, 2009

Almost checked in

As usual we were tempted to go and check into a hotel in the city yesterday, and almost book last minute accommodation online! We went around the city taking photos (it was such a lovely day!), and we even went on a picnic at the botanical gardens. We got so tired and lazy to head home. I guess it’s good we didn’t give in this time, since it would have been nice to maximize checking into a hotel maybe around mid-day and requesting late check out the next day. Plus, we did not have proper clothes with us, just the clothes we bought from shopping! Hubby and I agreed to just plan an actual weekend getaway sometime in June, during Queen’s birthday weekend. I’m not sure if we could already consider looking for last minute flights and last minute hotels since it still more than three weeks away. Surely there are a lot of good deals with cheap flights on Qantas or Virgin Blue.

I don’t know if we could really afford to go on an all out splurge this time, since we are planning to spend Christmas in Manila this year! I guess a few nights wouldn’t hurt that bad!

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