Friday, May 01, 2009

Cebu Central

I’ve booked my parents for their anniversary to travel to Cebu and Bohol. There were great deals on Cebu Pacific and so I immediately grabbed them seats to travel for one week! Now, I am looking for a place for them to stay at in Cebu and Bohol. It’s not like it’s their first time to travel to these cities, so I am trying to check out places that would be nice for them and at the same time cost effective (they don’t want to spend too much). Since I love checking out hotels and resorts, and doing a lot of research, I am quite excited to do this for them. Besides, I travel through my family’s and friends’ eyes.

One of the options I saw, which was at the lower end of the options list, is Casa Escano. I’ve read that this is a quaint Bed and Breakfast place in Cebu. This was one place that had no frills, but was clean and comfortable. It is centrally located (not sure if this is a good being that it is in the city). Reviews on Tripadvisor mainly say positive things about Casa Escano. I suppose if my parents choose this they would feel at home.

Another option if they decide to be located in Central Cebu, is to stay at Crown Regency. My sister can get free nights here so it can be quite a good deal, really. And, I think there are quite a few choices of locations for this hotel. Okay, I'll research the beach resorts now.

(Photos from Casa Escano Website)

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