Monday, May 04, 2009

Booking my groups

One type of tourist accounts for those who travel out of motivation from an interest (or interests). I have made a booking for a group of people who traveled to visit archaeological sites in Greece, and another group that traveled to France and Britain to attend a war memorial event. Recently, I have had a group of people wanting to travel to the United States to visit a list of museums located in the Eastern part of the States. They were quite a handful as some of the travelers were wanting to try Gettysburg camping style, while the others wanted at least a four star rating hotel to stay at.

At the end of it all, they came into consensus that they would give rv camping Gettysburg a go. Majority of them haven’t tried this style of pa rv camping but were convinced that it would be an interesting experience. It was good that they have all agreed to this, otherwise I would end up having a divided group which would mean more work for me. I usually like dealing with group bookings especially if I communicate with only one coordinator.

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