Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Travel Rituals

(Note: Postcard photo from here)

Everyone's got their own travel ritual. Pre-departure. On the trip. Post-departure.
It can be a quirky pre-departure endless list of things to do, things to bring, must eat, places to see, people to write postcards to, people to call, things to take back home, etcetera. (I know I am guilty of this!) (Bigtime!).

Or, it can be upon entering your hotel room : take photos of each corner of the room, the view, the bathroom (Okay, I do this too coz I need it for my job!). And it could also be : setting the wake up call with Reception,or checking out the closets/bar fridge/drawers, etcetera.

Arriving back home, some people literally just plop onto the bed and take a very long sleep. Others I know unpack straight away and do one load of laundry. And still others, take a long warm shower.

We all have our quirkiness and travel rituals that comfort or satisfy us in some way. It's just simply the way we do. The way we are. Oh how I love talking about travel.


Reena said...

hi. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. :)

i don't always travel so i'm not sure if i have travel quirks. but whenever i travel alone, i get paranoid so i always pray the rosary. hehehe...

and i do take a lot of photos when i arrive at the hotel.

i'lll drop by here as often as i can. tc!

cpsanti said...

that is such a cool packing list! ;-)

Raft3r said...

dati noong i started traveling
may ritwal talaga ako
lahat planado
may listahan
ngayon medyo sanay na
pikit mata na ako mag-impake
kahit tulog pwede na

Coriander Dreams said...

Hi Reena, I pray the rosary too! Lalo na pag bumpy flight :X I also make it a point to say a lil pray'r for the pilot and co-pilot. As in. :) Thanks for dropping by!

Hi cpsanti, thanks for dropping by! Yep, it is a cool one!

Hi Raft3r! Salamat sa walang sawang pagbisita :) I guess expect packer ka na ngayon.. Hindi ko kaya yun, palagi ako dapat meron listahan!! Hehe!

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