Sunday, December 18, 2011

Can I do and be both at the same time

I find myself at a crossroad now just as I have renewed my migration agent license for another year. Having been a travel agent for 10 years, and now just starting to get into my migration profession .. makes me think quite hard if I am ready to let go of being a travel agent now. It is quite difficult to be both, and although both the travel and migration industries are faced with lots of challenges (booming internet booking facilities - stricter migration policies) I somehow still want to engage myself in either or both worlds.

But the question really is, can I be both at the same time? It is not an easy thought, and I find myself struggling. Considering I am into my second year in my own travel business now. Sometimes I wish I could be two persons at once, but of course reality check!! Perhaps I should just keep my travel business on the side while I concentrate on the other one...

Being a migration agent is one thing I would like to pursue as a career, a way for me to help others and give back to the world what I have been so lucky to have now. Watching the news, and reading about the real refugees' plight is just one of those things that motivates me to help out in ways I can.

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So, my dilemma is still on.. I am praying that 2012 will bring me more enlightenment and be more focused on the goal.

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