Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catching the learning wave

Is this generation ruled by gadgets? Sometimes it makes me think whether it is just my hubby who is obsessed with new technology... mainly mobile phones, tablets, laptop, other Discount iPhone Accessories and trinkets. However when I start to think about it, even my dad has a new phone every year. My mom is the same, as well as my other siblings (well most of them!) who's phone model I have lost track of. Myself on the other hand would prefer to stick with the same phone brand forever if that's possible. I guess in that aspect I am not much of a "risk" taker. I prefer to use things which I am comfortable with, for as long as they are working I do not find the need to replace them. Sometimes even when it looks old and haggard already, to the annoyance of my gadget hungry husband.

We all have our own opinion and preference about these things, and I just choose to live simply with what is there and what is still working. One thing that frustrates me the most is when I can't figure out how to operate a new complex television remote. One time I was fiddling with the tv remote for half an hour trying to turn it on!! But I digress .. I feel the same way with mobile phones and other gadgets. Quite frustrating when I couldn't seem to grasp the rhythym of touch screen messaging. Now, I am in love with the Iphone!! Wouldn't go back to Nokia, and wouldn't convert to a Blackberry. Oh I suppose just until the next time I catch the learning wave!

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