Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Rush

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It's not a title of the latest movie I've watched (but could be, you know!) but the overall feeling that this Christmas felt like. Must be the holiday blues I am feeling, or have felt the past couple or so weeks leading to Christmas day.

Now that it's over I am sensing this tired feeling, as if I am faced with stale food. Not a good analogy, or feeling. I guess it brings me back to reality, and the thought of nothing to look forward to, anymore. For now, at least. Should I have wished I had savoured the Christmas spirit more? Or perhaps taken on a deeper meaning to it than how I have had.

Maybe since our Christmas this year is different I did not get to channel my emotions where I would have wanted to. (Too deep thoughts now!!) Maybe I've been pre-occupied too much with worldly things. I should have focused more on the real meaning of Christmas rather than thinking of gifts all the time.

Now, now, I suppose all these realisations now bring me to wanting for Christmas to come back! Or, should I say I am looking forward to Christmas 2012!! I hope I remember all these realisations come next year's preparations and celebrations. 

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