Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Turning 2

So our little B is turning 2 next month! Just a quick update on where we are at:

- Communicating: Little B is a chatterbox, and she's mastered counting to 10 without fail. She's learning to sing the alphabet (oh so cute when she gets to M: she says Eminem Oh P).
- School: We are starting pre-school in February! Just 4 hours, twice a week.
- Breastfeeding: Oh, we are still at it!!
- Sleeping: Still co-sleeping in this household!
- Social Skills: She is becoming a PRO (public relations officer).. She comes into the playground saying "Hi" to everyone.. And, whilst playing she welcomes new "playfriends" by handing them over a piece of seedling! I just hope and pray she won't fall into a bad stranger's trap one day.....
- Eating: Still not a big eater at breakfast,lunch or dinner. But she loves her sweet snacks.. Chocolate, Ice Cream.. Anything sweet! Wonder who she got that from!! Hmm!!

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