Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday consideration

We've come back from our Christmas beach getaway from the Central Coast, and I think two nights was really too short a vacation! The whole family went, and with Christmas eve's celebration we we were rushing the next day. There were too many things to do and think of, and the safety of the house was a consideration. I knew we should have taken out home insurance before, or even just home contents insurance (just like my friend who recently became a homeowner in the UK). With the last minute mayhem and chaos, we ended up leaving a few of the little girls toys! She ended up playing with the hotel room's phone, curtains, bedroom slippers!! Luckily I did not forget to bring her beach ball and a few of her beach toys.

In moving to a house this year, I guess there are different things to consider as compared with living in a unit (well at least for me!). If I would have a choice though, we should have moved to a big house years ago! The space is incredible and the fun is just... different! I get all giddy just watching my little girl's eyes light up at the mention of playing out in the garden.

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