Sunday, November 22, 2009

Everyone loves a buntis

Okay, we are slow walkers most of the time, we do get too emotional too often, we can bit quite helpless in carrying heavy things, but you still can’t resist the charm of a pregnant lady! People get up on the bus to accommodate and give seats, chairs are vacated to allow us to be seated, doors/elevators/etc are being held for us, priority is given when queuing, and these are not all the things that preggy women enjoy. There are more. But hey, we have our uncomfortable moments when we are at home in bed at night, and can’t sleep, when we suffer for morning sickness every day for three months, when we can’t see our toes when walking, can’t eat the usual food we want to, when we grow fat and stay that way for a while, when we pant at every step up the stairs. Not to mention the headache galore, dizziness, swollen hands and feet, stretch marks, dark skin patches, and other unexpected things.

Oh well, at the moment, am at the stage where ‘everyone loves a pregnant woman’. Soon, it will be ‘everyone loves a cute little baby’ stage. Hehe. I can’t wait!

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