Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pre Christmas Blues again

I’ve been feeling the pre- Christmas blues lately as it would have been the time of the year when I would have planned to travel to Manila to give birth there. However, things have taken a big turn, and we’re having the baby here instead. Weighing pros and cons during my first trimester and deciding in the second trimester was not the easiest decision we had to make. Having said that though, having the baby here means we will have slightly more money to spend for gifts. Should we have pushed to go to Manila, we might have had to use the services of those emergency loan lenders. Now, we don’t have to! We do have a lot of things to buy for the nursery though, but I amidst my online baby shopping I have been checking out Christmas gifts for family back home. I have been busy preparing those Christmas cards to send, and my other endless list of items to buy for the apartment. I still cannot fully comprehend the fact that I will be giving birth in about two months time! I guess my Manila Christmas dreaming will have to be downplayed this year to give way to baby thoughts (I am not complaining!).

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