Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not this year

With the holiday season coming up, I asked hubby whether we would be going on a trip away this year for Christmas. I was thinking more like an all inclusive resort nearby, and was willing to settle for even just an overnight trip somewhere (perhaps the city). I was not expecting to go far, but I started researching on Jamaica all inclusive vacations and maybe we can go once the baby is a year old. I would even consider other Caribbean resorts for as long as they are kid friendly. I used to not take note of which ones are family oriented vacation spots, but obviously I would be more interested in these now with the baby on the way.

Anyway, hubby answered me saying we won’t be going anywhere this holiday season just because it will be too close to my due date then. I suppose we don’t really have a choice. I am sure there will be so much more occasions to go on a family vacation!

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