Saturday, November 28, 2009

My positive list

Being pregnant is not all negative. In fact, if one really weighs it all, there would be so much more positive things about being pregnant. The gift of life leads the positive list, plus the fact that one does not need any of those breast implants especially at this time. However, of course one should still go and do research if one really wants longer lasting enhancements.

I know my husband can’t wait to see our little bub as much as he wants my bodily function to go back to normal post pregnancy. I guess he is tired of doing the dishes, laundry, bathroom cleaning, carpet cleaning, taking trash out, and all other things that I can’t help with. Well, I think it’s just fair enough since he didn’t do the carrying for 9 months anyway! One thing is for sure, we are both excited to hold our baby in our arms, and go on adventure trips, go on picnics, all these among many other activities we are now ready to plan!

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