Sunday, November 22, 2009

Joys of trip planning

I know I can’t really travel by air anymore, as baby is due sometime soon. However, this hasn’t really stopped me from researching about cheap airline tickets for our possible Manila trip next year. I guess I should really just be trying to save as much moolah as I could for that, because I am pretty sure the rates would be about in the thousand dollars mark per person. Of course, then I would have to think about pocket money, shopping money, buying presents, and other expenses. Plus of course, if we do push through with going home next year, I would love to go on a weekend away with hubby and baby. This means more vacation packages researching for me! I love it! I just can’t get enough of researching about travel. I guess that’s why I love working in the travel industry!

I have a bit of a trivia about me and travel. For fun, I ask my colleagues where they want to travel to, and I come up with an itinerary for them! It’s as if my real passengers don’t give me enough work! I just think it makes travel researching more fun if I know the person I am making arrangements for.

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