Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hot weekend!

It has been quite a weird weather we have been having lately in this part of the world. This weekend the temperature ranged from about 25 to 42 degrees Celsius, and we are expecting the average to drop to 22 degrees Celsius tomorrow! It would have been great if we were at Myrtle Beach Golf club or some place where we can hang out for a while outside, and then come into an air conditioned room! However, I am not that lucky to be enjoying Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations at the moment. I can try to just make myself comfortable with my homemade mango shake, and surf the net for a Myrtle Beach Golf Package that we could possibly go on sometime in the future.

While having lunch earlier, hubby dropped a question that I thought he was serious about. He asked if I wanted to go home this Christmas! Of course, without batting an eyelash I said yes. I told him I would immediately start researching about plane travel for pregnant women in the 32nd week! But of course, he was not serious! Hmp! So instead of researching about that, I should stick to searching on Golf Packages Myrtle Beach.

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