Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stroller Crazy

Okay, I never realised that there were so many different types of strollers out there! In a lot of ways it is overwhelming, and I am sure all first time moms out there will agree. I have been doing a lot of research on this product, and there are just so many stroller reviews to read which give information about the differences and find out which one best suits one’s lifestyle or need. Sometimes I find myself staying up late trying to decide which one is best for me and husband (more for me really). Although my mom said she will bring me two relatively new strollers (my sister has just given birth) from Manila when she comes over when the baby comes out, I am still wanting to find out for myself about stroller safety and the best features one can get out of the pram. Luckily my friend has given my tips on what to look for, and what could work for me. She has also given me a link to a really good website about strollers! Really, there should be a comprehensive handbook on motherhood and a twenty four hours hotline for mothers! I can only wish! For now, that hotline is my own mother.

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