Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cramming 101

Can you remember the time back then when you had to stay up reading books, making notes, studying for exams, doing research papers? I am currently studying again and so all these things are happening again. I guess some of us are just students for life! (We all are aren't we?).

Last week I was cramming a case study that was due last monday at midnight. Ten minutes to deadline I just submitted my work! Okay, I guess it would have helped a lot if the Lecturer/Teacher gave us all the details of the assessment a month ago. But no, he decided to give it to us 3 days before the paper was due!! So, obviously every single one of us crammed to finish this.

How unfair. I guess that's just the way student life is supposed to be. I cannot wait to graduate in November! So I can start with this new career!

Cramming Tips:

1. Keep water and food next to you while cramming. It saves time, by avoiding having to stand up to get them. Better yet, stuff yourself up a day before that way you don't have to be bothered on the day itself.

2. Have a fully charged mobile phone handy. To call classmates, to compare notes. And find out if you are stuck on the same question.

3. Warn family a day before due date. Tell them that you will be out of range, out of touch, incomprehensible, at least until assignment submission date. Keep a DND (Do Not Disturb) sign on your door.

4. Rest your hand, head and eyes a day before. So that typing will come easy, and possibly your mind will work properly.

5. Block networking sites from your computer a day before. That way you are not tempted to check your Facebook or Multiply or Myspace site while trying to accomplish something.

6. Just do it. There is nothing worse than having a mental blank while cramming to finish an assignment. So typing even nonsense is worth the jumpstart. Sooner (hopefully rather than later), the intellectual juices would flow effortless.

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