Saturday, April 04, 2009

Going camping

Two weeks ago three of the ladies from my team went camping. They asked if I wanted to try this with them but I declined since I am not really a fan of pitching tents, creepy crawlies, shared toilet (if any at all). When they got back to work on that monday they were saying how great the experience was and they would not mind doing it again, if ever at some rv park nc, or rv park north carolina. I agreed to go with them the next time they go on one of those camping trips, provided that it was in nc rv parks or some park that is very safe.

How many times does one try out a new adventure? I guess it has been a while since I went on one. The last time I remember was going on a hiking trip with my hubby. It can be very exciting and at the same time tiring! Oh well, I just hope that the girls don't schedule the trip anytime soon!

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