Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If these walls could talk

I've been meaning to put a bit of wall art into our home ever since we have moved in. Initially we wanted to have a wall with our favorite photographs, chosen from our travel collection. It still remains to be one unfinished project for hubby (and myself). We received a few picture frames from friends who have volunteered to print their favorite photos, but these frames are of different sizes and so they are just all in one table top (for now).

I had an idea to maybe put up either a modern art piece or something like the eternity tree from the website I saw online. It was something that caught my eye since it was not that ordinary, but not that eccentric either. I would need to check with hubby if that suits him, or if we should just choose an abstract art work instead. Most of the time I trust hubby to choose our home furniture pieces, since he's got the better 'eye' than me. It's a good thing that I usually agree to his decisions on matters like these. After all, he's done such a good job with our current place. I really should remind him to complete our art wall project!

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