Healthy change

I have never been the best at trying to live a healthy life. Well, until recently when I turned thirty. I decided it was time for a change. Now, I am more conscious about the salt that I put in our meals, I am trying to serve more vegetables in the table, and even trying to have at least two or three fruits a day! My work mate was even trying to convince me about the benefits of taking up a lemon diet. She said to have warm water with freshly squeezed lemon in the morning is good for one's health. Well, I told her it's quite difficult since I am not an early riser and my mornings are usually in a rush but I said I would try. At least the good thing is I am more knowledgeable about the good and bad food which I should and should not eat. Likewise, I know that there are good food supplements such as Beta Glucan which are out there to assist with having a healthy body.


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