Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some travel blah

The past two weeks have been pretty quiet at work. There are a few new enquiries here and there, and a few new bookings as well. Nothing that is too challenging for me to handle. I wish I can take more cruise or fully inclusive tour bookings, and not just about hotels in new york city or one night accommodation at some local airport.

I guess I shouldn't really complain about this. Times are tough and people are being more frugal in spending, especially about traveling. Nowadays, travellers are after the best value for their money. Nobody passes up cheap accommodation in Vancouver (or anywhere) for that matter. I know everyone is wanting to purchase good deals, and even airline or wholesalers appreciate this. Promotions on domestic and international travel are being advertised on television, newspapers, etc. They say these special deals won't last that long, and if one must plan travel now is the best time. That is providing of course that one has the resources or savings to do so.

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