Saturday, April 04, 2009

Status update

Amidst my so busy schedule, I forgot to give an update about my Australian status. Finally received in the mail a letter from the government officially welcoming me to take on Australian citizenship. Okay, finally after more than five years!! Now, it does not really mean so much to me anymore. Surely I won't give up my Filipino citizenship. It did not even cross my mind to renounce my Philippine citizenship. (Of course I can hear my mom giving me a long lecture on my roots, etc, if I did. Not that I would) I'm just glad that there is such a legislation now on dual citizenship. Apparently a few years back this was not the case for Phil-Aussies.

Last week's module for class talked about Australian citizenship. How timely for me, I was able to relate personally. I had a few questions about citizenship by birth, descent or by grant. Just in case I was to give birth in Manila (down the track) I wanted to know if that had any implications whatsoever.

So anyway, finally I am getting my AU passport. Free to travel the world without having to think about visa applications (okay, except for China, Russia, India, Pakistan, and some South American country). If only I can convince hubby to go with me and travel the world!

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Raft3r said...

blue passport na!

Have a Blessed Holy Week, Marie!
That all in things God may be glorified.

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