Monday, March 23, 2009

Eating my Ice Cream

... After watching Marley and Me!

I needed comfort food. One of the few movies which made me and hubby cry together! Okay, he only had a few tears. Mine was more like bucket loads! At the end of the movie, we were saying that we don't think we'll take care of a dog. Ever. (So far that is). It's just to painful when they cease being the once playful puppy. Slowly their body gives up. The sad thing about it, would have to be.. the fact that they don't live as long as human do. That's just the way things are naturally. I don't want to go on about the film so much. In a nutshell, the film talked about love, marriage, kids, pets, career, friendship, life and death. One of those films that, after 10, 20 years, or so would still touch many people's lives. Ah, Marley!

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