Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sleepy Newcastle

Last December hubby and I went to Newcastle for 3 nights. For local Sydneysiders Newcastle is not really the typical 'getaway' one dreams on going. I guess coz it can get pretty quiet up there. What more to visit during Christmas weekend.

Having said that, it was one getaway we still enjoyed. It was a very peaceful, relaxing time away from the big city. I guess it helped that we got into a nice one bedroom unit/suite with our own jacuzzi, dining room, kitchenette, two loos, two televisions, the works!! We loved the space! Plus to top that all, it was all free! (got my travel agent voucher).

What is there to do in Newcastle? One can walk along the quiet but interesting CBD streets. Or, spend the day at Nobby's Beach. If one does not feel satisfied just hanging out here, one can do the coastal walk through ocean baths/rockpool,etc. One could also go biking or hiking in and around the city.

I guess Newcastle has its own charms, depending on what you are after in a holiday, one can find that it can be quite a gem of a city!

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