Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family fun

I have been to a few Mardi Gras events, and have truly enjoyed each one! It is so filled with music, colour, interesting personalities, creative costumes, etcetera. I wish I could get to experience the Mardi Gras celebration in the U.S. or somewhere else, as I'm sure it would be fun! (I could probably have my two most favorite lady couple in San Francisco go with me! I am sure they won't mind.)

I would also love to visit Florida again, and spend more time going around theme parks at that state. The last time I have visited Florida, our trip was cut short and we had to rush home due to a sickness in the family. Which maybe, I can ask my dad, mom and siblings if we could continue on from where we left the last time we were there! I am sure it would still be fun to visit Universal Studios Orlando, even though we are all a bit older now (okay, my young brothers may still enjoy the rides). I guess what could make a visit to Orlando even more fun, is to visit during Mardi Gras time! I know none of my siblings have been to one, and so that would be fun!!
I miss spending time with my family, so I guess any trip away with them would be time well spent (quality time). They were asking me to come home for Easter, (or meet up with them in Hong Kong or Singapore), but I realised I actually don't have a valid passport at the moment! I'm in between passports if I may say. My Philippine passport is expiring in a few months, thus invalid to travel on, while I am waiting to get my Australian one! So, I should probably hope that we can postpone such impending big trip for next year instead! I'm sure none of them would disagree to another big trip next year!

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spymama said...

i've not been to those Mardi Gras event but I've played Mardi Gras slot machine in the

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