Monday, March 09, 2009

Could have been a restaurateur

When I was younger and thinking of my career options and all that, I thought about opening a restaurant together with my sibings. I guess, since our family loved to eat good food, dine out and try new restaurants this idea would have been perfect! However, I had some issues that's why I never really pursued this thought. One, I am not a good cook. Never was, and never will be one. It is my other sibling who was good at this so, the restaurant business still could have worked if we pushed through with it. Two, well, I moved overseas. Thus, geographically my sibling and I wouldn't have been able to run this together (she does not live in the same country as me).

Although, just as an imagination exercise, I can try to construct my dream restaurant in my mind again now. As I imagine it, my dream restaurant would have a very relaxed ambience, with matching mood lights and soft, calming music. Cuisine would be simple, no frills food and drinks. Perhaps a lot of sweet stuff, such as dessert. Likewise, a menu of thirst quenching concoction of drinks. I would also serve continental meals, that are not fussy or complex food. As for the actual dining area, I would have the restaurant chair be some sort of a lounge type. It could even be fluffy ones, where one could flop onto and enjoy long conversations and meals with family and friends. Overall, I am thinking casual atmosphere would work for my target market. Oh well, my dream can go on longer, especially if I were talking to my sister!

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