Thursday, March 19, 2009

Young love, Old love

Don't we all go through stages of being in love. Or falling love. That extreme feeling where you feel each pump of blood pass through your whole body. Every text message makes you jump from your seat. The mere mention of his name makes your heart flutter, and do a 360 degree flip (three times over). A date with him this coming weekend feels like a million years away. One instantly becomes a private investigator scouring for information (about him) like a pro. Being stuck in traffic with him is heaven. Even, Bittermelon meal tastes sweet, when having a meal with him. A rainy day makes a good excuse to stay in and cuddle. One can spend the whole night (and early morning) talking on the phone and then go straight to school, and still have the energy to run tracks around the Oval. Each email received from him can bring a rainbow of colours.

Ah sweet love..

Photos from here and here.


asteroid said...

Thanks for the honor of using my picture, to illustrate this so very tender text!
I appreciate the link!

Coriander Dreams said...

Hi asteroid, thanks too!! :)

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