Saturday, March 21, 2009

Adult talk

Once upon a time, I had no interest in things that I thought only grown ups can comprehend. I
guess there were stuff that did not interest me at all, such as : bank time deposits, interest
rates, Van Insurance Quote, saving for rainy days, etc. But, sooner rather than later, I find
myself researching about these things. I particularly found a site that had numerous services
on auto insurances, with all the steps and explanations that I otherwise would not have known.
Somehow, I still need to check in with hubby that I understood what I was reading correctly. As
much as I am ashamed to admit, I know little about car stuff. Growing up, I only drove family
cars, and did nothing about maintenance, comprehensive insurance quotes, etcetera. Now, I have no choice! I have to learn all these things. The 'joys' of growing up and being an adult. I am
proud though, that I have mastered researching about term deposits. It's quite interesting, really. And, although the rates are down at the moment, I look forward to investing our money soon!! One can never really be too knowledgeable about these investment things. Which reminds me, I have to set a date with hubby to talk about our finances, plans, including holiday plans!

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