Monday, March 02, 2009

Working towards healthy living

In the recent months, I have been really trying to see my luck in caring for plants at home. I started out with an African violet pot, which is still alive after three months by the way. I have also since tried to care for flowers and blooms on a weekly basis. I wish I had known how to make use of the products from the website I found, but I am curently on a green thumb hiatus.

What I would really like to try though, is to keep a vegetable garden. Although this is not possible at the moment given the fact that we have limited space at home. I am sure when hubby and I get our own house eventually we would have a garden, and I am able to see for myself the benefits of organic gardening. This would be something I would like to be able to do, as well as be able to impart to my future children on living a healthy life.

At the moment, in our household we try to eat a lot of greens and fruits at each meal. Trying to maintain a healthy diet is something I neglected growing up, since I rarely got sick when I was young I did not feel the need to watch what I ate. I guess it comes with age, that one becomes watchful of the ingredients in our meals. Really, eating organic food is beneficial and awareness about this is something the modern world is learning about increasingly.

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