Saturday, March 14, 2009

All the firsts

Recently hubby and I went to our first concert together! I actually gave it to him as his Christmas present, because I knew he loved this band (and, well, I wanted to see them play live too). I was quite ecstatic to realise that even after eight years into our relationship we still have a lot firsts to experience together. One of which was attending this. I am hoping that we get to travel to a lot of countries together for the first time as well. We would both love to visit Mexico one day, and do Cancun tours and activities together. Perhaps also get the chance to swim with dolphins together! I remember seeing one up close when I was a lot younger, and this got me excited. What more get to swim with them! I am sure that hubby would also appreciate this experience. My sister in law has done this with her husband during their honeymoon, and she recommended we try it out too. Well, if only we could save up on annual leave, as well as moolah to travel the world and do all these exciting things! Wishful thinking one day soon, we'd get to do this.

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